The Geography
This market’s most noticeable attribute is its expansive landmass. 
The geography for this region includes the Catskill & Adirondack Mountain Chains, the Finger Lakes, the 1000 Islands, Niagara Falls & the waterway boundaries of the Great Lakes.

To relate the distances involved, a trip from Albany to Buffalo is approximately a 5 & 1/2-hour long journey.

Upstate New York accounts for as little As 2 .5% of national sales volume. NYC is approximately a 8% BPI.

Due to these geographical concerns, few manufacturers representatives have the means to provide adequate local support.

Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers' representative firms who claim that they "represent the six states of New England, Upstate and Downstate New York.”  Or some Manufacturers cut the territory in half & try to cover ½ of it from Ohio & the other ½ from NE.

These representatives & manufacturers are providing a disservice “if they do not have local coverage”. They cannot effectively promote sales and support dealers in this large geographic area. The drive from Midtown Manhattan, Boston, or Southern New Jersey to Buffalo takes more than nine hours.) Generally these representatives are effective in their home areas but don’t have the time to ‘cross the bridge’ into a less than 2.5% percent territory.

This results in a lack of sales for the manufacturer & creates confusion for the multi-branch integrators in Upstate NY