Years of uneasy market conditions, budgetary constraints, September 11th, and a lack of brand loyalty have forced New York State businesses to work with a lean staff and tight margins.

Many dealers & OEM end users have made a habit of shopping the reputable manufacturers for best pricing (not the best product for the application). Government agencies and most large organizations are required to get three competitive bids on any substantial project and are sometimes forced to accept the low bidder. Low bid issues have soured many OEM & end users. The result is a low price, non-working system or acceptable product, with little or no Service. The general contractor and the electrical contractor are driving new design and construction.  Most electrical contractors are geared toward box sales of commodity type products and have little or no loyalty to any product manufacturer. The number of small integration companies buying the lowest cost product; vastly out-number the number of skilled integration companies. Conclusion All of these issues above, unorganized out-of-state manufacturers' representatives, and a jumble of integration dealers all grasping for a limited market share makes Upstate & New York a challenging marketplace. With such a demanding & challenging market, only a manufacturer with an organized Local sales representative will have a chance to generate a significant market share.

The geography demands this specific local coverage. Manufacturers will only be able to generate brand loyalty by educating OEM’s, end users & engineers by partnering with these larger skilled Integration dealers to help them win more projects.

The Lewis & Dunnigan Co. Inc. doesn’t just sell boxes. We work very close and add  “value-added” services with all our customers. OEM’s, HVAC, Distributors,  Electrical Contractors, Voice & Data Comm., A&E firms, and skilled Integration Companies are key to increasing sales. We Specify the Project, Sell it, Train the end users, & Support the Sale. This keeps us from losing our projects to the lowest bid.