The Lewis & Dunnigan Company has satisfied territory coverage concerns with a local centralized office in in Albany (ENY), The Capital of NY State.

We carefully evaluate each of our principles, existing and future, to ensure a compatible fit. (We do not take on lines just because they are available).  The result is the evolution of our company into a “Systems House”, where dealers can be assured they are receiving exceptional products & services for a competitive price.

Occasionally, this selectivity has hindered the short-term growth of our company.  However, we have proven our choice of partners, resilience and ability to generate market share.

Internally, our company has made improvements in computer hardware & software, so that many time-consuming office duties can become automated and improve customer support. In the coming year, we intend to include a World Wide Web Site with hyperlinks to all of our manufacturers, and to later include sales & technical tools for our more loyal dealers.

Our customers have come to count on the services we offer. We continue to provide onsite services including: walk-through & job-cost proposals, Project Installation Supervision, Final Connection and Programming Assistance, Onsite Technical Troubleshooting, & End user / Dealer Training. In most cases, these services are offered at no additional charge. (The cost is their loyalty to the line’s we represent and us.)

Our view of ‘hands-on’ training has always been extremely liberal.  We have over $20,000 in pre-wired kits and equipment to demonstrate the integrated security product solutions we propose to endusers & dealers.   In 1998 Lewis & Dunnigan hosted the first 'EVER' Systems Integration Trade Show in Upstate New York.  This two-day, two-location seminar & exhibit program was a huge success.  Architects & engineers, endusers, systems integrators, distributors, government design and construction engineers and electrical contractors where all in attendance.  We expect to permanently add it to our ever growing list of trade shows and regional / onsite seminars we host each year.